Startup: A modern automated Ni/Cr(III)-plating line has been started up at Kramo in Poland.

New plant started up at Kramo in Poland.


Galvatek has started-up modern Ni/Cr (III)-plating line at Kramo, Poland.

The plant is supplied with all state-of-art Galvatek solutions including Candovent process ventilation, Galcont control system and multi-rinsing systems. Wastewater treatment plant was included in the delivery too.The line is already in full production and it can be easily expanded for even higher production capacity for future needs.The key factor when designing the line was to meet not only all safety and environmental standards but also to make it fume hermetic. This Galvatek capability was highly appreciated by the customer.

Kramo line is the second Galvatek project using trivalent chromium plating process in Poland. The Kramo project will strengthen Galvateks position as an established supplier of plating plants in Poland.

Kramo is a leading Polish manufacturer of metal and wire products, delivering goods and services for top household and furniture suppliers.

New contract: A new fully automated profile anodizing and colouring plant to Purso Oy in Finland.

New contract for 2011


Galvatek supplies a new automated profile anodizing and colouring plant to Purso Oy in Finland

The delivery includes both anodizing plant for profiles and a plant to treat the waste water from the process.Purso Oy manufactures aluminium parts and profiles mainly for car and construction industry.The company supplied last year some 14 000 tons of aluminium to its customers both in Finland and export markets.

The tank length is 8,8 meters and the plant can handle profile lengths up to 8 meters.The plant capacity is 2 000 000 m2 anodized profiles a year and the process includes also electrochemical colouring.The delivery includes also a waste water treatment which is also having a joint GalCont controlsystem with the anodizing plant.Besides automation special attention has been paid to ergonomic and effective material handling, energy efficiency and working environment.The plant is equipped with Candovent ventilation system and the process fumes are washed in special designed scrubbers.

The plant will be handed over to late 2011.

With the on going delivery to Sapa Profily in Slovakia Galvatek has gained two major anodizing plant supply contracts in Europe.