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Galvatek engineers and supplies automated surface treatment plants to the most demanding industries and environments in the world. In most cases, the solutions we provide for our customers are once in a lifetime purchases. To us this means extra effort in listening and understanding our customers in terms of their needs. It often literally requires going the extra mile to get the facts right.

Beyond Surface Treatment

When we promise expertise beyond surface treatment, we refer to our uncompromising approach to each individual project. In our experience, this is the only way of designing and building plants that not only exceed the expectations set upon them but also have an operational lifetime guarantee for decades to come. And we believe this is also the reason why we’ve become the global number one in our field.

~40Years of experience
>300Projects delivered
100%Projects delivered on schedule
>30Countries with references
>35Years of proven plant lifetime
>97%Customers select an automated plant

True Turnkey Delivery

Our prime delivery type for automated surface treatment plants is a true turnkey delivery. It includes the whole process from the initial design down to the launch of the finished line with all the necessary tanks, structures and plant components as standard. This means no hidden costs or exclusions in the delivery.

From modest roots to a leading brand

The roots of Galvatek lie in Upo Engineering, an internal department of Upo, which was tasked with designing the company's production equipment, including the surface treatment lines of household appliances, in the post-war years. The expertise and know-how of the department was tailored to meet the specific demands of the facility and the products it manufactured.


The first such undertaking was providing the aluminum anodization plants needed for the making of Saab Fairchild civilian aircraft in Sweden. In retrospect, that major deal was what really made business take off, for the advanced technology applied in the project opened aviation industry gates outside Scandinavia, too.


As references spread around the world, Galvatek gained reputation for its superior knowhow. In 1985, Rolls Royce commissioned the first-ever fully automated chemical surface treatment plant for aviation industry use for its facility in Scotland. A similar unit was soon supplied to Swissair.


After the turn of the millennium, Galvatek supplied numerous plants to aviation industry facilities in the Far East, Africa and North America to clients ranging from Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and All Nippon Airways to several Rolls Royce partner companies


Anodizing plant for Sapa, aircraft engine wash line for HAESL... Practically speaking, whenever highly developed surface or water treatment solutions with advanced control systems have been called for, Galvatek has been the answer.


On February 21st, 2019, CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie) finalized the acquisition of the Finnish company Galvatek. CMI has a long-term strategy for surface treatment plants and has invested accordingly in this industry.


On May 16, 2019, CMI becomes John Cockerill again, like the visionary and bold entrepreneur. With this name change, the Group is reconnecting to its roots and building its future, more than ever inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder.

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