Join our team: Automation Engineer

Galvatek is one of the leading suppliers of surface treatment plants globally. Our main market is the aviation industry and some 90 % of our sales is export sales mainly to Europe, China, SEA and Middle East. We have delivered over 600 plants over the past 40 years. We offer customer-tailored plant projects, from initial design to turnkey delivery and related support services. Galvatek belongs to the Belgium John Cockerill group and its surface treatment division which is one of the leading and growing actors in the global surface treatment market.

We are looking for an Automation engineer

We expect you to be positive and inspiring team player who enjoys interacting with clients and project team. To succeed in the job you need to have technical education, know-how of industrial PC and PLC control software and couple of years working experience in similar tasks. We also expect you to be ready to travel when necessary mostly in installation and start up / commissioning phases of the project.

Your English and Finnish language should be fluent, other languages are counted in as an advantage.

What we offer to you

We offer you an interesting job in a truly international company. We develop the high-end technology and always appreciate high quality. You will have a chance to use and develop all your skills. We expect you to be a professional from the start, but with our in-house and other training opportunities we ensure that you will be the best expert in this business also in the future.

We offer you a chance to travel internationally and to work with people from other cultures. Belonging to John Cockerill companies offers also good possibilities to advance within the frame of a big and truly global business environment.

Galvatek is a truly international company and majority of our sales has been export already for many decades.

About John Cockerill

For more than 200 years, John Cockerill has been providing answers to the needs of its times.

Today, John Cockerill catalyses opportunities by conceiving, modernizing and maintaining equipment in the fields of energy, defence, industry, environment and rail. With more than 6,000 collaborators, it achieves a turnover of 1.3 billion euros from its head office in Seraing (Belgium) and its numerous implantations Europe, the United States, Africa, Brazil, Russia, India, New Caledonia and China.

Join our team: 3D Visual Designer

Are you interested in working with leading technology in a challenging position and in an international environment? We are looking for a full-time 3D Visual Designer for our office in Lahti, Finland, to create technical visualisations and animations of our products.

Galvatek is one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface treatment plants, having delivered over 600 plants over the past 40 years. Galvatek offers a comprehensive customer-based service, from the initial design to a turnkey delivery, plus maintenance and spare parts services. The latest technology and our long experience ensure the quality and reliability of Galvatek plants.

Job description

You will support sales by creating plant layout drawings, 3D models and renderings of our equipment. The tools you will be using include Autodesk Autocad, Inventor and 3ds Max. You should have at least a basic understanding of Autocad, which we use for planning factory layouts. Your primary tool, however, will be 3ds Max, so you should be fluent in the use of this software. We use 3ds Max to pre-design and implement our offer modelling, rendering and animations. In addition, Photoshop/Illustrator is often required for post-production.

In addition to 3D modelling, your job may require other graphic artist skills, such as graphic design, illustrations, image processing and creating various sales materials. Experience in producing visual contents and publishing them online will be considered an advantage.

What we expect from you

We expect you to have an uncompromising attitude and the ambition to keep raising the bar a little higher. You are never satisfied with the easiest or most familiar solution but instead are keen to improve your work and develop your own skills. You will become the leading expert in your field within Galvatek, so we expect you to be proactive and independent. At the same time, you will be a team player and willing to offer your expertise for use by our sales team, engineers and customers.

The majority of our customers are in the aviation industry, so they demand the highest quality and utmost punctuality. Responding to the needs of our customers is always the priority and may require an extra effort from our employees at times.

Most of us at Galvatek are engineers, but we expect you to bring to Galvatek also your creative thinking and visual eye. Your job will be to present the surface treatment plants we design in the most appealing and illustrative way.

We expect you to have the following software skills:

  • 3ds Max, modelling and rendering – very good skills
  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator – previous experience
  • Inventor /Autocad or Solidworks/Vertex – previous experience
  • MS Office tools – fluent

Work experience: We appreciate any experience in modelling and visualising technical equipment. If you have experience in other kinds of creative design work, we expect you to have an understanding and interest in mechanics. Extensive work experience is not mandatory, and the job may be suitable also for recent graduates if you have the expected skills and attitude.

Education: A polytechnic/university of applied sciences-level education in engineering, technical visualisations, product design or similar is expected.

Language skills: This job requires fluent English language skills, as many of our customers, colleagues and partners communicate in English.

What we offer you

We offer you a full-time employment relationship and the opportunity of a long career. You will get to work in the aviation industry and an international business environment.
You will be given an independent and responsible position in which you can develop. We always use the latest tools. We offer you a nice work environment, flexibility to manage both your professional and private lives, and excellent work colleagues.

Further information:
Jani Välkky | || Contact us

I can be reached by phone at the following times: Mon-Wed 12noon-4pm.

Please send your application, CV and salary request by 30th of March, 2018 at the latest.

Join our team: After Sales and Logistics Coordinator

Join our team of surface treatment experts

Galvatek is an engineering company, based in Lahti, designing and supplying Surface and Water Treatment Plants. We have operated in international markets for over 35 years, and currently 80-90% of our turnover comes from export.

Galvatek’s main customer groups are in aviation and aluminium industry as well as in more traditional industries such as metal working and engineering. Our main market areas are Europe, Middle-East, South East Asia, Japan and China. We are a team of 25 industry professionals and our turnover is 12 million euros.

Our After Sales Coordinator is moving to other duties in Galvatek – we are now looking for a new person to take up his current responsibilities

Galvatek is providing after sales support and preventive maintenance service to its international customers. Important part of after sales in this position is to support our customers from our back office with spare part deliveries as well as service quotations.

Tasks also include project logistics coordinating, purchases and total management of the spare parts supply chain. Additionally, the coordinator has also important role in our project documentation preparation.

Expected qualifications

  • Experience of component sales, freight and customs handling
  • 5-10 years working experience in industrial work, preferably in sales or purchasing activities.
  • Fluent in Finnish and English (both verbally and in writing)
  • German/Swedish is considered as advantage
  • Preferable technical engineering background
  • Good computer skills; MS Office Tools, Acrobat Pro, ERP software (Visma L7)
  • Experience in creating documentation for project/service manuals
  • Problem solving and negotiation skills

We have an ambition to fill this vacant soonest possible. Please send your application, CV and salary expectation by 25.08.2017.

For additional information, please contact:
Jarno Virtanen, General Manager,  Available on Tuesday 08.08.2017 at 9.00-11.00 and Friday 11.08.2017 at 9.00-11.0

Galvatek obtains ISO 9001:2015 quality certification

Galvatek was awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality certification by Bureau Veritas on 18 January 2017. The new certification marks a logical continuation of Galvatek’s long-term focus on quality.

“We have had an excellent internal quality system in place since 1993. Applying for ISO 9001 was a way of obtaining independent certification for our existing quality systems and working methods,” explains Ulf Pråhl, Managing Director of Galvatek.

ISO 9001 certification facilitates cooperation with customers and partners. Previously, presenting Galvatek’s own quality system and the audits conducted by partners took up a lot of time. The new ISO 9001 certificate explains unambiguously that Galvatek complies with specific quality criteria.

“No real changes were needed in our quality system or working methods, but everything had to be documented as required by ISO 9001. The only actual change is that more detailed notes of internal meetings will now be kept. Since we are a relatively small organization, a lot of things used to be agreed verbally,” Pråhl says.

Pråhl emphasizes that quality has always been an integral part of everyday operations at Galvatek and not just theoretical text.

“Our approach has always been to make sure that our working methods are in order and then document them in our quality system and not the other way round. This ensures that quality operations are routine and that there is no panic to make changes right before each audit,” Pråhl adds.

Obtaining ISO 9001 quality certification was an unusually straightforward process for Galvatek, also from the auditor’s perspective.

“Galvatek had a very mature quality system, and all the groundwork had been done very well. The process took half a year, and Galvatek passed the actual audit on the first try without any deviations,” says Lead Auditor Antti Reijonen of Bureau Veritas.

Meet us at Airshow China Nov. 1-6, 2016 Zhuhai

Meet us at Air Show China, Nov. 1-6, 2016 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Airshow China in Zhuhai, Guangdong, gathers together the most important players again this year in Chinese aviation market. Galvatek and FinnSonic are participating the event for the first time with our joint concept CE4MRO, together with our local partner Great Harvest Science & Technology, GHBJ, Beijing.

Come and meet us at the most important aviation event in China, at November 1-6, in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

More information:

Kauppalehti Achiever status to Galvatek

Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of Kauppalehti Oy, has granted Achiever- status to Galvatek for its financial performance in 2015.

Companies receiving Achiever certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to ensure continued operation.

A comparison of these key indicators has put this company in the top tier of its own industry and the entire country. The Achiever 2015 rankings are based on the financial years ended between June 2014 and May 2015.

More info:

GE International and Galvatek Sign Contract Over MRO Technology

GE International and Galvatek have signed a contract regarding a delivery of fully automated aero engine chemical cleaning and inspection lines to Emirates Airlines in Dubai.

World-leading jet engine producer General Electric International (GE) and Galvatek have signed a contract regarding a delivery of fully automated aero engine chemical cleaning and inspection lines to Emirates Airlines in Dubai. Close cooperation with GE is an important milestone in Galvatek’s company history and strengthens its position considerably in the highly competitive aviation MRO market.

The chemical cleaning and inspection shop equipment by Galvatek will be serving the aero engine maintenance needs of Emirates Airlines. The six million euro contract includes a fully automated chemical cleaning line (CCL), a fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) line from Galvatek’s main subcontractor Finnsonic, mechanical cleaning equipment and an advanced waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

The equipment was tailored according to the customer’s needs and requirements during deliberations which took close to a year. The final destination of the machinery will be Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where one of the world’s biggest and most advanced MRO unit is presently being built with a yearly capacity of impressive 300 engines. The Galvatek equipment is erected using local subcontractors under the guidance and control of our own experts. The complete system will be introduced into service during 2014.

International Experience Favored Galvatek

A number of prominent suppliers from Asia and United States took part in the bid over the sought after contract with GE International.

Galvatek’s main merits were the company’s impressive international reference catalogue, especially with  the chemical surface treatment technology and its expertise in demanding project management.

The contract shows strong confidence towards Galvatek’s technological know-how and project managing skills.

New Service Concept Proves Successful

Just few years ago, Galvatek introduced a brand new CE4MRO concept to the aviation industry MRO market. The concept was developed in cooperation with Finnsonic, a Finnish company specialized in advanced industrial cleaning systems, in response the evident need for more advanced automation and demand for more comprehensive equipment systems.

Finnsonic also delivers the fluorescent penetrant inspection line (FPI) equipment as part of the CE4MRO, making company the main subcontractor in the project.

As well as General Electric, Galvatek’s customers in the aviation industry include Pratt &Whitney, Rolls Royce and many major airlines of their respected countries, including Lufthansa, All Nippon Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

ce4mro – cleaning experts for MRO

Traceable Safety and Cost Effectiveness for Advanced Jet Cleaning Solutions

Two leading cleaning experts for MRO, FinnSonic and Galvatek, combined their expertise to design a comprehensive new cleaning concept, CE4MRO. Through ingenious engineering and advanced automation, it stands to promote safety and cost effectiveness in aviation industry jet engine cleaning solutions.

Fast growing air traffic numbers put increasing pressure on the MRO operations for faster turn-around and better quality service without compromising the strict safety levels. As a result, aircraft engines have increasingly critical need for expert engine maintenance that is performed cost-effectively and with uncompromising safety; component handling processes that are better documented, better controlled, more reliable and energy efficient; and maintenance and overhaul operations that perform in a way that leave little or no room for human error.

New CE4MRO offers comprehensive operational solutions for cleaner engine components, faster cleaning processes and reduced failure rates. It is a design created by two global cleaning experts; Galvatek, the leading manufacturer of surface treatment systems and FinnSonic, the industrial cleaning solutions expert with the aim to provide customers in aviation MRO with a complete solution for their maintenance and service cleaning solutions.

Better results faster

The beauty of the CE4MRO is its fully automated and encapsulated cleaning lines which maximize energy efficiency and safety and minimize the use of space. This state-of-the-art engine cleaning shop layout includes the main chemical cleaning line, bearing cleaning line, FPI line, DI water and waste water treatment plant as well as blasting cabinets. Any single part can also be installed to fit the customer requirements.

Automated handling and crane systems make working easy and safe. Each tank is efficiently ventilated and covered for added safety and energy loss reduction. Advanced ventilation eliminates fumes and chemical spills are prevented through a range of safety and alarm features. The system measures and records changes in process conditions and any non-conformity in set values will raise an alarm. With automation follows cleaner, healthier working environment and better recyclability.

Environmentally friendly

Impressively, CE4MRO is estimated to halve the labor costs, cut ventilation costs by up to 70 % and offer substantial savings in energy consumption. Most processes are based on environmentally friendly aqueous chemistry, where a combination of aqueous solutions and ultrasonic cleaning requires fewer chemicals than manual cleaning processes. State-of-the-art waste water treatment plant recycles incredible 90 % of the water back into the system.

Traceability, safety and cost effectiveness are undeniable benefits that speak volumes on behalf of fully automated engine cleaning shops that CE4MRO offers. It is a more safety oriented world of automation, process documentation and remote diagnostic.