Join our team: Chief Engineer

Do you want to work in a responsible position, within a high technology company and in an international environment? We are looking for a Chief Engineer to join our mechanical engineering team located at our office in Lahti, Finland.

Galvatek is one of the leading suppliers of surface treatment plants globally. We have delivered over 600 plants over the past 40 years. Galvatek offers customer-tailored plant projects, from design to turnkey delivery. We naturally offer comprehensive maintenance and spare parts services too. The latest technology combined with our long experience guarantee the reliability and quality of Galvatek plants.

Job description

As Chief Engineer you will be responsible for mechanical design processes and general plant design. Your tasks will include also scheduling and detailing mechanical design work, as well as technical computations, defining and sourcing components, and creating technical documentation.

When needed you will also participate in negotiations with clients and suppliers, as well as assist in planning and creating preliminary designs for quotations.

What we expect from you

We expect you to understand complex projects and manage the detailed design required to correlate the overall targets of the plant. You will report to the Design Manager, and you will participate actively in developing our design systems and methods (Vault/Inventor/AutoCAD).

We expect you to have several years of experience in designing and managing large projects. This experience will allow you to make decisions and take responsibility. An MSc or BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering or Mechatronics would be the ideal degree for this position.

We expect you to have experience in mechanical engineering, and you should master both 2D and 3D design. You should also be fluent in modern software tools, preferably Inventor and AutoCAD from Autodesk, or at least you should have long experience in similar software, such as Solidworks. Any experience in an international work environment will be considered a benefit.

We expect you to have strong communication skills, and you should enjoy working with people. You should be able to figure out the big picture quickly and organise work with our clients and suppliers. You should be fluent in both English and Finnish, and any other language skills will be considered an advantage.

What we have to offer

We offer you an interesting job in an organisation that always appreciates high quality. You will have the chance to use and develop all your skills. You will be working mostly with clients from the aviation industry who expect extremely high quality and reliability.

We expect you to be a professional from the start, while our in-house and other training opportunities ensure that you will be the best expert in this business also in the future. In addition to design, your work will include also some research and development.

We offer you the chance to travel internationally and to work with people from other cultures. Galvatek is a truly international company, and the majority of our products have been exported already for many decades.

Further information:

Jani Ruhanen, Design Manager

Jarno Virtanen, General Manager – Aviation

Join our team: Project Engineer

We are looking for

We are looking for a Project Engineer located in our office in Lahti, Finland. You will be part of Galvatek´s project and sales organization. Your task is to manage a certain project or several projects simultaneously from beginning to the end.

Your task is to define the technical specification of a project, pricing and to act as a primary contact towards our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. You are responsible for project timetable, profitability, resources and other tasks related to the project. You are supposed to report the status of the project monthly.

We expect you to be

We expect you to be already an experienced project manager, who can work flexible with customers from different cultural background, yet a tight negotiator when needed. We hope you to be a team player with ambition to always find the best result. A lot of travelling is needed to manage the job, especially in Europe, Far-East and Middle-East.

You should hold an engineer degreea either from a university or an institute. You are expected to be fluent with English language, as well as MS Office and Project software and Autocad/Vault CAD software.

What we offer to you

We offer you an interesting job in a truly international company. We develop the high-end technology and always appreciate high quality. You will have a chance to use and develop all your skills. We expect you to be a professional from the start, but with our in-house and other training opportunities we ensure that you will be the best expert in this business also in the future.

You will have a full responsibility over your projects and we offer you all the necessary support and resources to meet the target

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For additional information, please contact:
Jarno Virtanen, General Manager |

Join our team: Automation Engineer

We are looking for

We are looking for an Automation Engineer located in our office in Lahti, Finland. You will be part of Galvatek´s project organization. Your task is to take care of automation in certain projects from planning to the execution.

Your task is planning, programming and commissioning of automation for Galvatek surface treatment plants. This includes customer training and support.

We expect you to be

We expect you to be positive and inspiring team player who enjoys to interact with clients and project team. To succeed in the job you need to have technical education, know-how of industrial PC and PLC control software and couple of years working experience in similar tasks. We also expect you to be ready to travel when necessary. Your English and Finnish language should be fluent, other languages are counted in as an advantage.

What we offer to you

We offer you an interesting job in a truly international company. We develop the high-end technology and always appreciate high quality. You will have a chance to use and develop all your skills. We expect you to be a professional from the start, but with our in-house and other training opportunities we ensure that you will be the best expert in this business also in the future.

We offer you a chance to travel internationally and to work with people from other cultures. Galvatek is a truly international company and majority of our sales has been export already for many decades.

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More details and applying for this job can be done here (in Finnish). For additional questions about the position, please contact Mr. Jari Lehtinen, General Manager – Automation & Service, +358 3 526 6658 or jari.lehtinen(at)

Please apply by email by sending your application, CV and other attachments to jari.lehtinen(at) by 12 November 2017.


Hannu Ylönen – 218 projects in a 46-year career

If there were a competition to see who was most knowledgeable about the electrical systems of
surface treatment plants, Hannu Ylönen would surely be world champion. Hannu has worked with
these electrical systems for 46 years and participated in 218 projects. When we talk about well-
deserved retirements, none is more well-deserved than Hannu’s!

“My job description has varied over the years, from drawing up offers to start-ups. In many projects
I have worked as designer, installation supervisor or project manager,” Hannu tells us.

Hannu began his career in the maintenance department of Upo Oy back in June 1970. Back then
the Finnish company made everything from home appliances to plastic pipes. The first surface
treatment lines were installed already in the late 1960s, but in 1974 Hannu transferred to Upo
Engineering, where work really began on developing surface treatment technology.

“When people asked me where I worked and I said at Galvatek, no one knew what we do.
Generally people assumed that we are in the galvanising business. When I explained that we
supply entire surface treatment lines that are used by other companies, and that Oras taps and
Abloy locks are made on lines that we supplied, then they understood.”

Galvatek changed hands over the years, belonging to Partek, then to Outokumpu, then to its
operative management, then to Kemira and now to its current owners. Between 1996 and 2004
Hannu worked as a shareholder in a supplier, but in practice he carried out electrical projects for
Galvatek lines. He returned to Galvatek in 2004.

Working whenever there is work to be done

“I’ve been involved in project work, which is never routine. Sometimes there is too much work and
sometimes too little. In recognition of this, Galvatek has relied on a system of local agreements
with employees for the past 20 years already, whereas other companies are only just beginning to
consider this option. Accordingly, we work whenever there is work to be done and take time off
during slower periods. Should a colleague from Japan call with a problem, we respond even during
holidays and time off. I have been on part-time retirement for a while, but still there are very few
days without work. Bonuses make up for any time off that I lose,” Hannu explains.

Hannu’s work supervising installations have taken him around the world, from Ulyanovsky in
Russia to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Galvatek is indeed a truly global company with
customers all over the world.

“In the 1980s we installed lines in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, for example, and I didn’t
always know how long I would be away for. If I told my family that I would be away for three weeks,
I could in fact be away for three months. Of course, I was able to come home for weekends at
times, but still we had no mobile phones, e-mails or other modern communication devices. I used
to reserve a phone call to Finland in advance once a week or so,” Hannu remembers.

Back in the office, markers and overhead projectors made way for computers in the 1980s. The
change was enormous, and all the new technologies had to be learned from the start. Around the
same time, surface treatment lines began using electronic control systems and eventually the
Galcont control system, which Hannu praises.

“The pace of work is also much faster these days. Whereas before we had a year or two between
the order and start-up, now we have six months. This simply wouldn’t be possible if we still used
markers and fixed-line phones. We also used to handle only one project at a time, whereas now
we can handle two or three simultaneously.”

People retire, expertise remains

Employees at Galvatek enjoy their work and long careers. Alongside Hannu, two other long-time
employees will be retiring in the near future having worked at Galvatek for decades. In recognition
of the expertise possessed by long-time employees, Galvatek has invested more than most other
companies in transferring this knowledge to new employees.

“The three of us who are retiring held nine training days for young employees, and we’ll hold
another nine training days in near future. Young employees are extremely well educated and
incredibly smart, but those of us with years of experience can still teach them something new
about this specialised field. I can then retire with a sense of satisfaction, as we have a very good
team spirit and I know that the others can do their jobs,” Hannu admits.

Hannu was on part-time retirement for the last five years. It is very likely that his expertise will be
called on from time to time in various projects even when fully retired, as is true with other recently
retired employees. What is for sure is that Hannu won’t be bored after he retires.

“As a young man I used to be a rally co-driver, and I also competed with snowmobiles and
motorbikes. With seven other friends from those years we still attend the Arctic Lapland Rally in
Rovaniemi in wintertime and the Neste Rally in summertime. I also attend historic car events in my
museum-registered Taunus. In addition, I have been a member of the local Lions Club for over a
decade, and I am somewhat involved in local politics. Plus I like to fish and hike in Lapland, and I
have four grandchildren to keep me occupied!” Hannu laughs.

N3 has overhauled over 800 engines

Automated chemical cleaning line in action at N3 in Arnstadt, Germany.

10 years of operational experience and 20 years more life expectancy

N3 Engine Overhaul Services in Arnstadt, Germany, overhauls and repairs Rolls-Royce aircraft engines and their components. A joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and Rolls-Royce plc, N3 has been operating since 2007 and is one of the most modern maintenance operations in the world. N3 currently serves over 40 international airlines who appreciate the company’s quality, dependability and process orientation. Likewise, N3 relies on an automated cleaning line supplied by Galvatek to handle up to 250 engines per year.

N3 offers maintenance and repair services for Rolls-Royce engine types Trent 500 (Airbus A340), Trent 700 (Airbus A330), Trent 900 (Airbus A380) and Trent XWB (Airbus A350). For individual engine components, N3 also offers repair services for the Trent 800, Trent 1000 and RB211-535 series.

For the cleaning and subsequent conservation of various components and materials, N3 Engine Overhaul Services utilizes a wide range of advanced technological processes. The entrepiece of the chemical cleaning process is the cleaning facility, where component baskets are fed, computer-controlled, via a crane system into one of 27 cleaning tanks. Each tank has a capacity of over ten cubic meters and allows the processing of components with a diameter of up to 2 meters and weighing up to 500 kilograms. Depending on the application, the tanks are filled with different mediums and heated to temperatures of between 55 and 90 °C.

Three of the tanks have been additionally equipped with ultrasonic cleaning devices. Complemented by several flexible manual working stations, this enables the individually adapted cleaning of almost all components. Components susceptible to corrosion can also be vacuum packed after cleaning so they are ready for transport and storage.

N3 chemically cleans Roll-Royce Trent aircraft engines
N3 Engine Overhaul Services has been operating Galvatek chemical cleaning line successfully for over ten years.

Martin Spallek, Head of Component Repair, you have run a Galvatek chemical cleaning line for 10 years now. What kind of experiences have you had, and what kind of life expectancy you have for this facility?

“The reliable operations of our cleaning facilities are crucial for our business. After dismantling and prior to further processing, the engine components must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for material testing and inspection. Any interruption at this point in the overhaul process causes delays in the turnaround time of the engines.

Overall, we have had positive experiences with the Galvatek chemical cleaning line. The period over the last ten years can be divided into three different phases. In the start-up phase of N3 Engine Overhaul Services, our focus was on starting up the operations of the cleaning line and on establishing fault-free working conditions. In the second phase, we maintained reliability with only a few unplanned interruptions in our daily business. In phase three, the current phase, we are focusing more on preventive maintenance to assure the availability of the cleaning line for the planned life expectancy of our facility, i.e. 20 more years.”


What is the role of the chemical cleaning line in your overall MRO process? What percentage of engine components can be run through the automated cleaning process?

“The cleaning line is N3´s single source for the automated cleaning of engine parts for the subsequent repair and NDT processes. Nearly 80 per cent of engine components pass through the automated cleaning line. A fast response from our assigned maintenance contractor helps us to keep availability at a high level in order to get all the parts cleaned in time.”


You have relatively big facilities for aero engine MRO and you also have ambitious growth plans. Is there enough capacity and reserve for your future needs?

“N3 Engine Overhaul Services initially started its operations in 2007. Today N3 serves more than 40 international airlines on behalf of Rolls-Royce. So far N3 has overhauled more than 800 engines in the Trent 500 (A340), Trent 700 (A330) and Trent 900 (A380) model ranges. With the new Trent XWB (A350 XWB) engine, output will increase from the current 100 engines per year to 150–200 engines per year in the coming years. This year it will already be 130 engines. The cleaning line is designed for a capacity of 250 engines per year, so it supports us growing our business.”


What are the benefits of the automated cleaning line compared to manual methods? How has the chemical cleaning line met your environmental and occupational safety needs?

“The benefits are obvious: With the automated cleaning line we are able to run 24/7 operations and guarantee a high output and fast processing time. The quality of the cleaning processes is sustainable high.

One of the main principles of N3 concerns the protection of the environment and the resultant obligation of supporting the well-being of our staff and the community. Environmental protection was considered when planning the company, and certification pursuant to ISO 14001 Environmental Management was established. Within the process of the continuous improvement of our operating procedures, the reduction or avoidance of negative effects on the environment plays a central role, in addition to an increase in quality and production efficiency.

The cleaning facility is equipped with a fully automated chemical water treatment system and a Candovent ventilation system in accordance with the current requirements for environmental protection. We are also able to save a lot of water with the cascaded water supply. But the main priority is on the health and safety of the workforce. Automated cleaning reduces contact between our operators and the chemicals to an absolute minimum. In addition, the chemical line prevents the release of chemical fumes and spillages.”

Galvatek chemical cleaning line for jet engines
Component baskets are fed, computer-controlled, via a crane system into one of 27 cleaning tanks. Each tank has a capacity of over ten cubic metres and allows the processing of components with a diameter of up to 2 metres and weighing up to 500 kilograms.

N3 Engine Overhaul Services

Plant: Chemical cleaning line
Location: Germany
Delivery: 2007
Designed capacity: 250 engines/year
Engine types: Rolls-Royce Trent 500, 700, 900 and XWB
Plant construction: 27 tanks + dryers + manual stations
Process and production control: Automated (Galcont™ by Galvatek)


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