Harri Salo is your new spare parts contact

Harri Salo has been appointed After Sales Engineer at Galvatek. In this position he serves as the primary contact for customers looking for spare parts for their surface treatment plants.

“I have been studying and working in spare part operations for decades, but this job has the broadest description so far. It feels good to have total responsibility for the entire spare parts process, from purchasing to delivery,” says Harri Salo.

Salo previously worked in spare parts and service operations at Kempower, Finnsonic and Kemppi. Kempower supplied electrical power sources to Galvatek, while Finnsonic fabricates ultrasonic washing lines and non-destructive testing devices, so Galvatek was already familiar to him. His latest job was at Kemppi Oy measuring and analysing power electronic components.

Salo graduated with a degree in Automation Engineering from Lahti University of Applied Sciences and later earned an MSc in applied electronics and electrical drives from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

He lives in Lahti with his wife and likes to spend his leisure time outdoors hiking, boating, motorcycling and staying at his summer cottage in the countryside.

Galvatek warmly welcomes Harri to our team!

You can find Harri’s contact info here

Galvatek delivers a phosphating plant to Finland

Galvatek has signed a contract to deliver a phosphating line, painting line, waste water neutralization plant and robotized material handling system to a manufacturing facility in Finland. Galvatek delivers the full turnkey project including design engineering, installation and commissioning. The size of the project is approximately three million euros.

Turn key delivery expertise decisive

“The competition was extremely tight. Galvatek was chosen because of our ability to manage the surface treatment plant, painting line and material handing solution as one turnkey project. Galvatek´ s long experience in this kind of projects was also appreciated,” tells Sales and Marketing Manager Tommi Rautiainen, Galvatek Oy.

The project will be executed in partnership together with Sasmetor (www.sasmetor.fi) and Orfer (www.orfer.fi), who as Galvatek subcontractors are Finnish technology professionals in painting lines as well as robotics solutions.

Industrial investments in Finland continues

The new project is a positive signal expressing growth of industrial investments in Finland. For Galvatek the recent project means another remarkable delivery to Finnish industries, following the deliveries of two fully automatic tin plating lines to Ouneva Oy in Finland in 2013 and 2016.

The name of the customer is not published because of the customer´s wish.

Join our team: Automation Engineer

We are looking for

We are looking for an Automation Engineer located in our office in Lahti, Finland. You will be part of Galvatek´s project organization. Your task is to take care of automation in certain projects from planning to the execution.

Your task is planning, programming and commissioning of automation for Galvatek surface treatment plants. This includes customer training and support.

We expect you to be

We expect you to be positive and inspiring team player who enjoys to interact with clients and project team. To succeed in the job you need to have technical education, know-how of industrial PC and PLC control software and couple of years working experience in similar tasks. We also expect you to be ready to travel when necessary. Your English and Finnish language should be fluent, other languages are counted in as an advantage.

What we offer to you

We offer you an interesting job in a truly international company. We develop the high-end technology and always appreciate high quality. You will have a chance to use and develop all your skills. We expect you to be a professional from the start, but with our in-house and other training opportunities we ensure that you will be the best expert in this business also in the future.

We offer you a chance to travel internationally and to work with people from other cultures. Galvatek is a truly international company and majority of our sales has been export already for many decades.

Apply for this job

More details and applying for this job can be done here (in Finnish). For additional questions about the position, please contact Mr. Jari Lehtinen, General Manager – Automation & Service, +358 3 526 6658 or jari.lehtinen(at)galvatek.fi.

Please apply by email by sending your application, CV and other attachments to jari.lehtinen(at)galvatek.fi by 12 November 2017.


Hannu Ylönen – 218 projects in a 46-year career

If there were a competition to see who was most knowledgeable about the electrical systems of
surface treatment plants, Hannu Ylönen would surely be world champion. Hannu has worked with
these electrical systems for 46 years and participated in 218 projects. When we talk about well-
deserved retirements, none is more well-deserved than Hannu’s!

“My job description has varied over the years, from drawing up offers to start-ups. In many projects
I have worked as designer, installation supervisor or project manager,” Hannu tells us.

Hannu began his career in the maintenance department of Upo Oy back in June 1970. Back then
the Finnish company made everything from home appliances to plastic pipes. The first surface
treatment lines were installed already in the late 1960s, but in 1974 Hannu transferred to Upo
Engineering, where work really began on developing surface treatment technology.

“When people asked me where I worked and I said at Galvatek, no one knew what we do.
Generally people assumed that we are in the galvanising business. When I explained that we
supply entire surface treatment lines that are used by other companies, and that Oras taps and
Abloy locks are made on lines that we supplied, then they understood.”

Galvatek changed hands over the years, belonging to Partek, then to Outokumpu, then to its
operative management, then to Kemira and now to its current owners. Between 1996 and 2004
Hannu worked as a shareholder in a supplier, but in practice he carried out electrical projects for
Galvatek lines. He returned to Galvatek in 2004.

Working whenever there is work to be done

“I’ve been involved in project work, which is never routine. Sometimes there is too much work and
sometimes too little. In recognition of this, Galvatek has relied on a system of local agreements
with employees for the past 20 years already, whereas other companies are only just beginning to
consider this option. Accordingly, we work whenever there is work to be done and take time off
during slower periods. Should a colleague from Japan call with a problem, we respond even during
holidays and time off. I have been on part-time retirement for a while, but still there are very few
days without work. Bonuses make up for any time off that I lose,” Hannu explains.

Hannu’s work supervising installations have taken him around the world, from Ulyanovsky in
Russia to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Galvatek is indeed a truly global company with
customers all over the world.

“In the 1980s we installed lines in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, for example, and I didn’t
always know how long I would be away for. If I told my family that I would be away for three weeks,
I could in fact be away for three months. Of course, I was able to come home for weekends at
times, but still we had no mobile phones, e-mails or other modern communication devices. I used
to reserve a phone call to Finland in advance once a week or so,” Hannu remembers.

Back in the office, markers and overhead projectors made way for computers in the 1980s. The
change was enormous, and all the new technologies had to be learned from the start. Around the
same time, surface treatment lines began using electronic control systems and eventually the
Galcont control system, which Hannu praises.

“The pace of work is also much faster these days. Whereas before we had a year or two between
the order and start-up, now we have six months. This simply wouldn’t be possible if we still used
markers and fixed-line phones. We also used to handle only one project at a time, whereas now
we can handle two or three simultaneously.”

People retire, expertise remains

Employees at Galvatek enjoy their work and long careers. Alongside Hannu, two other long-time
employees will be retiring in the near future having worked at Galvatek for decades. In recognition
of the expertise possessed by long-time employees, Galvatek has invested more than most other
companies in transferring this knowledge to new employees.

“The three of us who are retiring held nine training days for young employees, and we’ll hold
another nine training days in near future. Young employees are extremely well educated and
incredibly smart, but those of us with years of experience can still teach them something new
about this specialised field. I can then retire with a sense of satisfaction, as we have a very good
team spirit and I know that the others can do their jobs,” Hannu admits.

Hannu was on part-time retirement for the last five years. It is very likely that his expertise will be
called on from time to time in various projects even when fully retired, as is true with other recently
retired employees. What is for sure is that Hannu won’t be bored after he retires.

“As a young man I used to be a rally co-driver, and I also competed with snowmobiles and
motorbikes. With seven other friends from those years we still attend the Arctic Lapland Rally in
Rovaniemi in wintertime and the Neste Rally in summertime. I also attend historic car events in my
museum-registered Taunus. In addition, I have been a member of the local Lions Club for over a
decade, and I am somewhat involved in local politics. Plus I like to fish and hike in Lapland, and I
have four grandchildren to keep me occupied!” Hannu laughs.

Join our team: After Sales and Logistics Coordinator

Join our team of surface treatment experts

Galvatek is an engineering company, based in Lahti, designing and supplying Surface and Water Treatment Plants. We have operated in international markets for over 35 years, and currently 80-90% of our turnover comes from export.

Galvatek’s main customer groups are in aviation and aluminium industry as well as in more traditional industries such as metal working and engineering. Our main market areas are Europe, Middle-East, South East Asia, Japan and China. We are a team of 25 industry professionals and our turnover is 12 million euros.

Our After Sales Coordinator is moving to other duties in Galvatek – we are now looking for a new person to take up his current responsibilities

Galvatek is providing after sales support and preventive maintenance service to its international customers. Important part of after sales in this position is to support our customers from our back office with spare part deliveries as well as service quotations.

Tasks also include project logistics coordinating, purchases and total management of the spare parts supply chain. Additionally, the coordinator has also important role in our project documentation preparation.

Expected qualifications

  • Experience of component sales, freight and customs handling
  • 5-10 years working experience in industrial work, preferably in sales or purchasing activities.
  • Fluent in Finnish and English (both verbally and in writing)
  • German/Swedish is considered as advantage
  • Preferable technical engineering background
  • Good computer skills; MS Office Tools, Acrobat Pro, ERP software (Visma L7)
  • Experience in creating documentation for project/service manuals
  • Problem solving and negotiation skills

We have an ambition to fill this vacant soonest possible. Please send your application, CV and salary expectation by 25.08.2017.

For additional information, please contact:
Jarno Virtanen, General Manager,  Available on Tuesday 08.08.2017 at 9.00-11.00 and Friday 11.08.2017 at 9.00-11.0

Visit us in Surface World Live 2017, 22-23 March, at NEC, Birmingham, UK

Galvatek is participating again the Surface World Show 2017 at NEC, Birmingham, UK

The event is the only one in the UK dedicated to surface treatment, product finishing and coatings industry. Galvatek joins the event together with our local partner Turbex Ltd. Come to Birmingham and meet us at Stand D1 at Hall 7.

More information and registration: http://www.surfaceworld.com/surface-world-live


Galvatek obtains ISO 9001:2015 quality certification

Galvatek was awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality certification by Bureau Veritas on 18 January 2017. The new certification marks a logical continuation of Galvatek’s long-term focus on quality.

“We have had an excellent internal quality system in place since 1993. Applying for ISO 9001 was a way of obtaining independent certification for our existing quality systems and working methods,” explains Ulf Pråhl, Managing Director of Galvatek.

ISO 9001 certification facilitates cooperation with customers and partners. Previously, presenting Galvatek’s own quality system and the audits conducted by partners took up a lot of time. The new ISO 9001 certificate explains unambiguously that Galvatek complies with specific quality criteria.

“No real changes were needed in our quality system or working methods, but everything had to be documented as required by ISO 9001. The only actual change is that more detailed notes of internal meetings will now be kept. Since we are a relatively small organization, a lot of things used to be agreed verbally,” Pråhl says.

Pråhl emphasizes that quality has always been an integral part of everyday operations at Galvatek and not just theoretical text.

“Our approach has always been to make sure that our working methods are in order and then document them in our quality system and not the other way round. This ensures that quality operations are routine and that there is no panic to make changes right before each audit,” Pråhl adds.

Obtaining ISO 9001 quality certification was an unusually straightforward process for Galvatek, also from the auditor’s perspective.

“Galvatek had a very mature quality system, and all the groundwork had been done very well. The process took half a year, and Galvatek passed the actual audit on the first try without any deviations,” says Lead Auditor Antti Reijonen of Bureau Veritas.

Meet us at Airshow China Nov. 1-6, 2016 Zhuhai

Meet us at Air Show China, Nov. 1-6, 2016 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Airshow China in Zhuhai, Guangdong, gathers together the most important players again this year in Chinese aviation market. Galvatek and FinnSonic are participating the event for the first time with our joint concept CE4MRO, together with our local partner Great Harvest Science & Technology, GHBJ, Beijing.

Come and meet us at the most important aviation event in China, at November 1-6, in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

More information: