Products for the aluminium industry

Galvatek’s expertise in supplying modern day automated anodizing plants trails back to several decades in history when the first automated plants were built. Today, our offering is complemented by die tool cleaning lines and tailor made surface treatment and wastewater treatment plant applications.

Plants for the aluminium industry


Anodizing Plants

Automated large-scale and high-capacity anodising plants for aluminium profile extruders

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Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

Specialised plant solutions for pre-treatment, post-treatment, metal removal and final coating

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Die Tool Cleaning Lines

User-friendly and environmentally friendly small-scale plants for the cleaning and aluminium removal of aluminium extrusion dies

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Effluent Treatment Plants

Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment, clean water production and retardation units for the aluminium industry

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Maximum capacity

Anodizing lines for aluminium profiles require high capacity plants with large tanks. Galvatek’s automated solutions optimise plant efficiency and flexibility, resulting in higher output and quality with lower human resources costs. At the same time production interruptions are minimized.

Automation precision

Galvatek’s Galcont process and production control system ensures accurate film thickness during anodizing process. This kind of precision through automation is vital for ensuring highest possible quality in other aluminium surface treatment processes as well.

True turn key

Differing from most competitors, Galvatek’s turnkey delivery truly is turn key, meaning that the whole process plant from the initial design down to the launch of the finished line with all the necessary tanks, structures and plant components come as standard. This is why we can guarantee that the solutions we provide are deployed as agreed, without fear of added costs or project delays.

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