Surface treatment plants for the defense industry

Galvatek has supplied surface treatment plants for over 40 years, especially for the aerospace and defense industries. Galvatek also has strong know-how in delivering surface treatment equipment for companies manufacturing firearms, barrels, ammunition and other weapon systems. Meeting the strictest MIL and ISO standards is easy with Galvatek´s automated and modern plants.

Surface treatment lines for the defence industry


Anodizing Plants

Anodizing plants are typically used for protecting aluminum parts in the manufacturing of military equipment. Anodizing is a common process for military aircraft components such as fuselages. Galvatek is the leading supplier of anodizing plants for the aviation industry, including both civilian and military aviation. Typical anodizing processes in military aviation manufacturing include TSA, CAA, SAA, HCA and BSA.

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Chemical cleaning plants

Galvatek’s chemical cleaning lines are used in maintenance, repair and overhaul operations for aircraft and helicopters. Military turbofan engines, turboprop engines and APU/AMAD auxiliary power units are typically dismantled and cleaned during scheduled maintenance. Galvatek’s chemical cleaning plants can be tailored to handle the biggest commercial jet engines, fighter jet engines or the smallest auxiliary power units.

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Electroplating Plants

Galvatek is specialized in supplying military spec electroplating plants for extremely demanding applications. Typical processes include hard chrome plating, cadmium plating, zinc-nickel plating, silver plating and nickel plating. Hard chrome plating is widely used for interior surface treatment for cannon, assault rifle, machine gun and mortar barrels.

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Other chemical surface treatment plants

In addition to plants based on electrolytic processes, Galvatek’s product range also includes other types of plants. These include electroless coating plants and chemical film plants, such as phosphating or conversion coating lines. Chemical film, also known as chromate conversion, is a typical process in both weapons and ammunition manufacturing applications.

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Effluent Treatment Plants

Any surface treatment plant needs a specialized effluent treatment plant to clean the wastewater. Galvatek delivers chemical surface treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants as one turnkey project. Galvatek’s effluent treatment plants are always customized for the surface treatment plant, its capacity and applied processes. The two main types of wastewater treatment plants are physical-chemical neutralization systems and evaporation systems.

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Tailored surface treatment lines for the defense industry

Galvatek is the only truly global supplier of surface treatment plants for the aviation and defence industries. We have delivered over 300 surface treatment plants to over 30 countries during the last 40 years. Galvatek plants are always customized to meet individual client needs and delivered as true turnkey projects with no hidden costs.

Galvatek has a long tradition of working with the defense industry as a trusted partner. Our quality, work safety, data protection and confidentiality processes meet the highest standards.

Galvatek’s surface treatment plants have automated documentation features. Galvatek’s plants make it easy to meet NADCAP certification requirements.

Typical chemically processed parts in the defense industry

  • Gun and rifle barrels
  • Aerostructures, aircraft and helicopter parts
  • Aero engine parts
  • Avionics
  • Shields and armor
  • Communication systems
  • Radar array components
  • Electronic components
  • Guidance systems
  • Naval applications

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