Products for the energy industry

In the energy sector Galvatek focuses on gas turbine maintenance and fluid gas desulfurization wastewater treatment, where we are one of the leading technology companies in the world.

Plants for the energy industry


FGD Wastewater Treatment Plants

Specialised neutralising plants for the removal of heavy metals and suspended solids from FGDP wastewater in power plants

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Chemical Stripping Lines

Automated chemical stripping plants for the maintenance of land-based gas turbine components in demanding conditions

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Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Lines

Non-destructive testing plants for the reconditioning and maintenance of components in gas turbine engines

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Focused know-how

Galvatek has a long experience of building large-scale and high capacity wastewater treatment units for fluid gas desulphurization plants. Another segment that we specialize in, offering a one-stop shop model, is stripping plants used in gas turbine MRO, combined with NDT (FPI systems) and wastewater treatment plants.

Unique conditions and material requirements

In gas turbine MRO, stripping plants ventilation solutions and material selections are of high importance. The use of HCL and other highly corrosive chemicals set special requirements for equipment and components. Galvatek is experienced in engineering plant solutions to meet these needs.

Environment, health and safety emphasised

Because of our own technology, Galvatek’s solutions for energy industry are always built to meet the environmental, health and safety requirements. The key is in automation, which means minimum human involvement is necessary in hazardous processes.

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