Products for metal finishing

Galvatek engineers surface treatment solutions for various applications of metal finishing, from hard chromium to hot dip galvanizing. The lines and plants we supply are in many cases custom-built, including wastewater treatment units.

Plants for the metal finishing industry


Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

Specialised plant solutions for pre-treatment, post-treatment, metal removal and final coating

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Electroplating Plants

Tailored plating plant solutions for the automated surface treatment of metal in various processes, part sizes and shapes

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Effluent Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plant solutions for metal finishing plants designed to meet local water discharge regulations

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Quality precision with automation

Galvatek’s automation technology leads to higher output capacity and production flexibility. This proves to be highly beneficial especially in mass production applications, where steady and error free surface treatment conditions are business critical.

Optimized manufacturing workflow

Due to Galvatek’s Candovent ventilation system the plant can be placed anywhere in the production facility, without a separate ventilated area. This means flexibility in optimizing the facility layout, making room for better production flow and higher total output.

Environment, health and safety emphasised

Because of our own technology, Galvatek’s solutions for metal finishing industry are always built to meet the environmental, health and safety requirements. The key is in automation, which means minimum human involvement is necessary in hazardous processes.

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