Automated Process Plants

Our prime delivery type for automated surface treatment plants is a true turnkey delivery. It includes the whole process from the initial design down to the launch of the finished line with all the necessary tanks, structures and plant components as standard. We have delivered more than 600 plants, serving customers in 35 different countries around the world.

Surface Treatment Plants


Anodizing Plants

Automated aluminum surface treatment plants for challenging aircraft parts and aerostructures.

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Chemical Cleaning Lines

Chemical cleaning lines for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aero engine parts and components

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Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

Specialised plant solutions for pre-treatment, post-treatment, metal removal and final coating

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Chemical Stripping Lines

Automated chemical stripping plants for the maintenance of land-based gas turbine components in demanding conditions

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Die Tool Cleaning Lines

User-friendly small-scale plants for the cleaning and aluminium removal of aluminium extrusion dies

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Electroplating Plants

Tailored plating plant solutions for the automated surface treatment of metal in various processes, part sizes and shapes

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Industrial Etching Plants

Automated etching and milling plants for aviation industry.

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Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Lines

Non-destructive testing plants for various aluminium and titanium components in aircraft component manufacturing and aero engine maintenance, repair and overhaul

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Water Treatment Plants


Effluent Treatment Plants

Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment, clean water production and retardation units for the aluminium industry

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FGD Wastewater Treatment Plants

Specialised neutralising plants for the removal of heavy metals and suspended solids from FGDP wastewater in power plants

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