Die Tool Cleaning Lines

Turn key supply of automated plants for extrusion Die Tool Cleaning utilising the latest technological and environmental innovations

Most of the existing chemical die tool cleaning equipment in the aluminium extrusion industry does not fulfil today’s requirements in terms of productivity, quality or safety. Galvatek has developed compact die tool cleaning (DTC) equipment that meets or surpasses today’s requirements in every aspect.

Case Master Die Casting: Passivation line for casted aluminium components with WWTP

Effluent Treatment Plant for a Die Tool Cleaning line

Case Purso: Automated die tool cleaning line

Automated Die Tool Cleaning (DTC) allows easy operation

The basic function of Galvatek’s chemical die tool cleaning line is to fully automate the cleaning process in an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe way in order to cut the overall costs of die tool cleaning shops. In the fully automated Galvatek DTC line, the task sequence is as follows:

  1. The operator loads the die tools into movable baskets and pushes the baskets to the waiting area of the line.
  2. The operator then selects the correct operating program from the automation system.
  3. The DTC line takes care of the cleaning process automatically and returns the basket to the waiting area when the program is finished.
  4. The operator pulls the basket out of the waiting area and unloads the die tools ready for use.

The fully automated DTC line can operate without supervision, for example during the night. The Candovent ventilation system takes care of all impurities and dangerous fumes that may be emitted from the open caustic soda (NaOH) tanks. DTC lines are typically compact and easy to move and operate. They are delivered preassembled and tested at our manufacturer’s premises and brought to site ready to be installed, thereby minimising costs arising from disruption to production.

Galvatek aluminium extrusion die tools cleaning solution
Automated die tool cleaning line with rack for aluminum extrusion dies.
Galvatek´s sluminium extrusion die tools cleaning solution
Plant for cleaning aluminum extrusion dies with automated transporter and ventilation.
Aluminium extrusion die tools cleaning solution
Typical overall view of a Galvatek´s automated die tool cleaning line.

Chemical die cleaning process

Die tools are handled in baskets, which are moved during the process by a special transporter. The Candovent ventilation system minimises process emissions along the DTC line. The processing and handling of the goods is fully automated, with only loading and unloading carried out manually. To maximise the working safety, automated plant with safety grating prevents operators to access the hazardous baths during the cleaning operation.

Compact plant size

Die tool cleaning lines typically consist of 6-8 aluminium removal tanks (with caustic soda/NaOH), each of which can process one basket at a time. The line also includes 1-2 hot rinsing tanks and a basket buffer station for 4-6 baskets. The length of the entire line is typically 10 to 15 meters. Larger DTC lines can also be delivered as required.

Featured technical innovations

Automation - Galcont™

Galvatek's Galcont™ process automation system has been constantly developed and improved for already four decades to meet ever-increasing demands in surface treatment plant control.

Ventilation System - Candovent™

Galvatek’s Candovent™ ventilation system allows placing the surface treatment line anywhere in the production layout, without the need to build an encapsulated room around it.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

Every aspect of Galvatek plants has been optimized with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind.

Process Tanks

Process tanks have to be able to withstand many different types of chemicals like strong acids or alkaline. Durability and sustainability are emphasized in Galvatek's tanks.

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