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GKN | Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia

Automated chemical cleaning & etching of aerospace turbine blades. Delivery included also WWTP plant.

IPECO | Anodizing Line

Southend, UK

Automated aluminium anodizing line for aerospace industry

Aviation | Chemical Etch

Ohio, USA

Automated chemical etching line for manufacturing of aerospace components.

Aviation | Chemical Cleaning

Montreal, Canada

Chemical cleaning equipment for aero engine components

RR | Etching Line


Etching line for aero engine components.

EADS PZL | Modernization

Poland, Warsaw

Modernization of automated anodizing plant.

SR Technics | Modernization

Switzerland, Zurich

Modernization of Chemical Cleaning Line.

LOT | Modernization

Poland, Warsaw

Modernisation of a manual plating shop.


Japan, Tokyo

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.

Egypt Air | CCL

Egypt, Cairo

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.

RR | Etching Lines

UK, Inchinnan

Steel, titanium and inconel etch & steel inspection etch lines for blade forgings. Boric acid wash line.

EADS PZL | Anodizing Plant

Poland, Warsaw

Automated anodizing plant and WWTP.

Iberia | CCL

Spain, Madrid

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.


Singapore, Calshot Road

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.

SR Technics | CCL

Switzerland, Zurich

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.

Volvo Aero Engine | CCL

Sweden, Stockholm

Automated Degreasing plant for aero engine parts.

Sabena Technics | CCL

Belgium, Brussels

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line for Aero Engines.

Patria Aviation | Anodizing Plants

Finland, Halli

Two Anodizing Plants, Chromic and Phosphoric acid.

RR | Stripping Line

UK, Hillington

Nickel stripping line & Chemical milling plant. Products treated in barrels.

Saab-Scania | Al Etching Line

Sweden, Linköping

Automated Aluminium etching and flow masking line.

Saab-Scania | Anodizing Plant

Sweden, Linköping

Anodizing Plant, Phosphoric acid.

Valmet | CCL

Finland, Linnavuori

Manual Degreasing and Cleaning Line.

Finnair | CCL

Finland, Helsinki Airport

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line.

Master Die Casting | WWTP

Poland, Koszalin

Neutralization plant for passivation line rinse waters.

Ouneva Oy | WWTP

Finland, Tuupovaara

Waste water treatment plant for Tin Plating line.

Purso Oy | WWTP

Finland, Nokia

Waste water treatment plant for aluminium profile production.


China, Hongkong

Waste water treatment plant for chemical cleaning line of aero engines.

Sun Chemicals Oy | WWTP

Finland, Espoo

A compact size waste water treatment plant fitted inside a standard 20' container.

Finnish Chemicals | WWTP

Finland, Kuusankoski

Waste water treatment plant for Cr-contaminated waste water.

Universal Corporation Ltd | WWTP

Kenya, Kikuyu

A compact size biological waste water treatment plant for a drug factory fitted inside a two 40' containers.

HOH Separtec Oy | WWTP

Tallinn, Estonia

WWTP for Boiler Plant.

Kemira Kemi Ab | WWTP

Sweden, Helsingborg

Containerized KemiCond Test Plant for Municipal sludge conditioning.

Kemira Water Oy | WWTP

Finland, Oulu

KemiCond Plant for Municipal sludge conditioning.

Sapa | WWTP

Netherlands, Rozenburg

WWTP for Die Tool Cleaning & Effluent Treatment Plant.

Weckmann Steel | WWTP

Finland, Vierumäki

Evaporator system for purifying of waste water.


Germany, Arnstad

Waste water treatment plant for chemical cleaning line of aero engines.

UPM-Kymmene UK | WWTP

Shotton, UK

Waste Water Treatment Plant for scrubber water coming from Biowaste Incineration Plant.

Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj | WWTP

Finland, Lahti

Modernization of a evaporation plant.


Finland, Kurikka

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Outokumpu | WWTP

Finland, Tornio

Drum screens and oil separator tank for recycling of process waters.

Egyptair | CCL

Egypt, Cairo

Waste water treatment plant for chemical cleaning line of aero engines.

Pöyry | WWTP

Aleksandria, Egypt

Phys-chem plant for hazardous liquid waste.

Ouneva Oy | Tin Plating Line

Finland, Tuupovaara

Tin Plating Line for Cu parts.

Kramo | Ni Cr Plating Line

Radom, Poland

Automated Ni/Cr Plating line.

Nordic Aluminium | Anodizing Plant

Finland, Pikkala

Automated Anodizing Plant.

Sapa | Die Tool Cleaning

Holland, Hoogezand

Die tool cleaning.


Finland, Kurikka

Electrophoresis Painting Line.

Laitila Coating Oy

Finland, Laitila

Decorative Chromium Plating line of copper parts.


Poland, Zagan

Zn/Ni Plating line.

Neorem Magnets

China, Shanghai

Automated Cu/Ni Plating line.


Finland, Espoo

Automated Etching Line of electroluminence displays.

FAB | Modernization of electro galvanizing plant

Czech Republic, Rychnov

Modernization for Cu/Ni/Cr and Zinc Plating plants

Monroe Czechnia

Czech Republic, Hodkovice

Modernization of a Chrome Plating Plant.


Germany, Monheim

Modernization of a Automated Anodizing Plant delivered in the 90's.

Assa Abloy

Sweden, Eskilstuna

First plant in the world utilizing a big buffer storage so that the night shift was run with out any operational personnel.

Bang & Olufsen

Denmark, Struer

Modernization for an automated anodizing plant delivered by Galvatek in the 90's.

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