Maintenance Services

Galvatek is always ready to help you, also after the delivery of your chemical surface treatment plant. Galvatek´s preventive maintenance program is an easy way to ensure the correct operation of your plant. Our local service partners are ready to help you in case of sudden troubles. However service training is a great way to upgrade the skills and knowledge of you own plant operators.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep up to date with Preventive Maintenance Program

Galvatek has developed a Preventive Maintenance Program to ensure the correct and trouble-free operation of the chemical surface treatment process and equipment. Our team’s special technical, maintenance and system expertise allows us to plan maintenance actions properly with the aim of maximising plant utilisation. The Galvatek Service Team can also propose system updates to keep the surface treatment plant equipped with the latest technology.

With our Preventive Maintenance Program, system specialists can check and evaluate the equipment included in the scope of the delivery. In practice this work consists of visual inspections, functional tests, measurements and minor cleaning. Operators are interviewed to provide feedback, and possible service tasks for the next overhaul are listed. The findings and recommended corrective actions are then included in a comprehensive report that is provided to the customer.

Guaranteed uptime with Maintenance Contract

Maintenance contracts are typically signed for a period of several years to guarantee the highest possible rate of utilization.

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Corrective Maintenance

Service works by local partners

Following the maintenance inspection and once the overhaul tasks have been defined for the next service interval, the actual service work can begin.

Corrective maintenance operations are primarily performed by authorised Galvatek Service Partners. In regions where local service partners are not available, and/or if the customer prefers, we can also provide special maintenance training for our customers.

Contact your local and authorised Galvatek Service Partner for corrective maintenance.

Local Service Partners

Contact Galvatek to check your local service partner. If service partner is not available in your region service can be carried you by Galvatek.


Service Training

Training of plant maintenance teams

Based on our long experience and knowledge in chemical surface treatment plants we have developed the Preventive Maintenance Program, which is designed to keep equipment in perfect working condition. As part of our service training, we will introduce how the program will be implemented at the customer’s plant and describe the overall service plan. We will explain when and how to perform the required maintenance tasks while actually walking through the plant. When more in-depth guidance is required, the customer’s maintenance team can perform the maintenance tasks under our supervision.

Initial service training for equipment is provided during the handover phase of the project delivery. Additional training may be required later due to changes in the customer’s personnel or for other reasons. Service training helps ensure that the service methods and knowledge of the line maintenance team are up to date. The training content can also be modified according to the customer’s wishes.

The following topics have typically been considered valuable by our customers:

  • Functional testing of operations
  • Introduction of required maintenance tasks and intervals
    • Spray rinse tank
    • Tank heating system
    • Level control in various applications
    • Pumping systems
    • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Training values

  • Additional training for customers’ personnel
  • Up to date knowledge of maintenance teams
  • Training of new personnel
  • Functional testing skills

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