Plant Upgrades

Technology and customer needs are changing rapidly. Equipment that was state-of-the-art twenty years ago will no longer be optimal. Galvatek provides consulting support and carries out modernization projects, including capacity calculations, plant simulations, new treatment processes and rinses, and automation system upgrades.

Pre-planning Service

Analyse plant modernization possibilities

Galvatek offers pre-planning services for modernizations and modifications. We can visit the customer’s plant, investigate the material, requirements and specifications, and discuss with the customer before providing an expert proposal regarding the next steps.

We provide a detailed technical description of how to modify the existing system to meet the new requirements including all the required engineering, technical calculations and equipment proposals. Based on this specific technical information, the customer can gain a clear understanding of the requirements and scale of the modifications.

In addition to pre-planning, we can prepare a commercial quotation for the proposed actions and equipment. After pre-planning and acceptance of the offer, the modification project can typically be started right away.

Pre-planning includes

  • plant visit
  • analysis of current situation
  • target analysis
  • finding solutions
  • planning next steps


Plant Modernizations & Modifications

Improve realibity with plant modernization

Following pre-planning, we deliver modernisations and modifications that ensure the customer benefits from the latest technology. The results can be seen in the improved reliability of the equipment, enhanced safety and higher output capacity.

If the customer’s production output capacity is running at the limit, we can perform capacity calculations to identify any possible bottlenecks. We can then make a proposal for the required modifications in order to scale up production to the required level.

We offer a complete range of modernisation services, including changes to mechanical, electrical and/or automation systems, as well as changes to the process itself.

For example, hexavalent chromium (CrVI) replacement is one of the hot topics concerning aviation component manufacturing. We carry out projects to convert from chromic acid and sulphuric acid anodising, including the wastewater treatment system, to tartaric-sulphuric acid anodizing to meet the latest requirements of the aviation industry.

Typical modernization examples

Examples of typical modernisations include:

  • Surface treatment process changes
  • Capacity increases
  • Wastewater treatment plant upgrades
  • Automation upgrades
  • Control system upgrades
  • Plant safety upgrades

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