Ventilation System – Candovent™

Galvatek’s Candovent™ ventilation system allows placing the surface treatment line anywhere in the production layout, without the need to build an encapsulated room around it. This is why our plants with Candovent™ are described as: “Like working in an office environment”.

The key features can be described as follows:

  • The system prevents hazardous acids from evaporating or spilling from tanks
  • Instead of the typical humid, acidic atmosphere of cleaning plants, the workspace is filled with normal indoor air where face masks are not required, even in the immediate vicinity of the tanks
  • The system extracts vapours from lateral exhaust ducts when tank covers are closed. When the covers are opened the fumes are extracted through the transporter hood. The volume of extracted air can be regulated to keep it always at optimum levels.
  • The extracted vapours can be treated with Galvatek’s special filters, which means that the building is also spared from the corrosive effects
  • The Candovent™ ventilation system also saves energy and costs by keeping the volume of polluted air and humidity at low levels
  • Candovent™ conforms to European health and safety regulations

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